Amuria District passes a 29.7 billion budget

Amuria District local government has passed a budget of 29,782,438,000 for the 2023/2024 Financial year. The budget was approved in a council session presided over by Charles Otim the district speaker.
Education took the lions of the budget followed by Health and administration department.
Internal Audit ,trade and local economic development took the least share of the budget.
The motion to approve the budget was moved by Hon Moses Opus the Asamuk subcounty Councilor and second by his female counterpart that is representing people of Amolo subcounty.
According to Kokas Erusu the secretary Finance Amuria District local government, the budget will be financed through the central government transfers ,Local Revenue and donor funds among others.
Administration 2,998,995,000
Finance 400,873,000
Statutory 566,905,000
Production 1,212,665,000
Health 7,083,152,000
Education 14,120,816,000
Works 1,940,165,000
Water 632,953,000
Natural Resource 302,114,000
CBS 312,302,000
Planning 116,003,000
Internal Audit 52,700,000
Trade 42,795,000

Wednesday, May 31, 2023