The sector of health is mandated to maintain a healthy population in Amuria district as stated in the district vision. It seeks to reduce morbidity and mortality from major causes of ill health in the district meanwhile contributing towards the achievement of the related PEAP and MDGs. Specifically the sector aims at successfully reducing the level of maternal, neonatal and child mortality. As such, the specific objectives of the health sector in the five-year DDP are;

1. To reduce the prevalence of communicable diseases by at least 60 percent.

2. To decrease the mortality and morbidity due to non-communicable diseases injuries and common emergencies.

3. To reduce HIV prevalence through scaling up VCT services to cover all HC IVs and HC IIIs; and PMTCT services to cover all of HCIIIs.

4. Reduce total fertility rate

5. Reduce stunting in Under-fives to 28 percent.

6. Improve delivery of the minimum health care package to the people in the district

7. Strengthen health delivery Support Systems and actual delivery of health services.

8. Strengthen all aspects of the Health Management Information System (HMIS).